The RAM AIR SYSTEM is our flagship intake system that uses a conical filter with an inner and outer center cone accelerating ambient air while reducing turbulence and achieving rapid charging efficiency. The carbon intake duct directs fresh ambient air to the filter while providing an excellent barrier against heated air entering the intake stream. GruppeM's RAM AIR SYSTEM delivers constant and stable air flow at all driving speeds delivering maximum horsepower gains while maintaining increased torque at low engine speeds delivering total performance.

GruppeM takes pride in designing products with both performance and appearance in mind, and we continue to offer uncompromising quality performance solutions for automotive enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you’re looking for an air filter, air intake system, or exhaust system—you’ll discover uncompromising quality paired with an eye-catching, show-worthy appearance while adding elegance to your ride.

All RAM AIR SYSTEMS made of the highest quality hand-laid carbon fiber at our in our HQ in Japan following the strictest industry standards, delivering on our core belief and promise of not allowing a single comprise.