Welcome to GruppeM!

New Customers:

For English inquires please e-mail tunedjapan@gruppem.co.jp; however, we encourage contacting an authorized GruppeM Dealer in your local area before contacting us directly. 

New Dealers:

GruppeM views the Dealer-Distributor relationship as a long-term partnership; because of this, the company is highly selective when choosing new Dealers. All new Dealers are required to place an opening order at a specified size—typically called a buy-in—to open an account with GruppeM. Our buy-in policy and Dealer requirements create a sufficient barrier to entry into the automotive aftermarket to prevent sellers who are not invested in the future of the industry from gaining access. This in turn helps to protect GruppeM’s current partners. While the process to become one of the company’s Dealers is stringent, it is because GruppeM Distribution is focused on building a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Existing Dealers:

By the authority of the CEO of GruppeM_Japan, we have started GruppeMDirect to offer dealers a platform to place orders for customers 24/7 without the delays due the time zones and to refine our ordering process. Until recently we did not have English speaking staff on hand to help with English inquiries and translations. We now have a reliable bilingual staff member on hand to handle all your GruppeM needs. 

We are asking all everyone to open an account  and in order to further streamline our process and procedures to enhance the stellar service we are known for and allow us more time for R & D allowing for shorter product release dates. 

New Dealer Inquiries:  Thanks for your interest in GruppeM products, to receive dealer information and pricing we require you to submit a copy of the following items by mail or e-mail:

1. Business License

2. Federal or Tax Identification valid the in country said business is located.

3. Photos of Shop/Facility

4. Completed Application Form By mail, please send to: 


GruppeM Management

3-12-24 Sawaicho

Asaka-shi, Saitama-ken, 351-0015

By Email, please send to: tunedjapan@gruppem.co.jp with the subject line “Dealer Inquiry” We do not accept dealer inquiries by fax. Upon receiving the required information, and a member of our management team will contact you with more information in becoming an Authorized GruppeM Dealer. After the process is completed, we will ask you to open an account for immediate access to our system.