GruppeM's RAM Air Intake RAM or commonly known as Cold Air Intake (CAI) is our top-of-the-line high-performance intake system. The intake features a racing K&N cone filter, which permits maximum air flow while retaining proper filtering capabilities. The filter housing is designed to provide optimal channeling of fresh cold air into the extremely efficient modified K&N racing cone filter. Our intake systems are built from carbon fiber, for ultra lightweight with extreme durability. The surface finish and fitment are second to none. The design and the material used provide extremely effective heat resistance from the engine compartment, allowing the cold air entering the GruppeM filter to remain cool and dense for optimal consistent performance.

With over 25 years of experience in developing high-performance intakes for GT300/GT500 to average street car, our intake systems are, without a doubt, arguably the best in the world, GruppeM RAM Air intakes are designed, tried, tested and dyno'ed in-house at our at HQ is Saitama, Japan producing the performance that results in that "Joker smile." Our intake systems are made out of Carbon fiber, housing a re-usable M's Power Filter (K&N), providing great flow with great heat-shielding abilities that are only amplified through the RAM air intake design delivering true power, performance, function, and form.