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Based on 71 reviews
Great product.

I highly recommend this product for the N52 engine 3.0 si. It's difficult to find quality aftermarket parts for the Z4. This is def one. It completely transformed the growl of my engine. I haven't dyno tested it but it def feels faster. My experience is coupled with an RPI Ram Air Scoop, and Super sprint X-pipe and power loop exhaust. It sounds amazing!

STEP WGN | RF7・RF8 | [****]

Gruppem induction kit

Great communication, and super fast delivery..
Very happy with product..

86 | ZN6 | 2012 ~ 2021
Rhett Whitaker
Best 86 intake system

Excellent outlook
Great performance
Nice sound

NX300 | AGX10・15 | 2017 ~

The top benchmark in the automotive air intake industry

It's the first time I use GruppeM's products, and the effect is great. I thought that the Ram Air system needs a higher speed gain to amplify, but I was wrong, just starting in first gear, already feeling fn2 very wild, same as I used to Using a poorly modified intake system in first gear, it is obviously compared with the sky, an incredible product that really gains any RPM

530i | E60・61 | 2003 ~ 2005
Nicholas Bondoc
Topnotch product

Fit, finish and install are all excellent. Comes with everything you need and with clear instructions. Looks amazing, intake growl is superb. Throttle response and power felt much improved. Makes driving the car more engaging!

Looks AND sounds AMAZING, E46 330ci Clubsport

I am super satisfied with both the quality of the intake, and it's sound ! Looks very nice on the engine bay. I already had a conical cold air intake with a boot connected to the front bumber's hole, so the reactivity of the gas pedal was already impoved compared to the stock intake, but it has been improved even better with the GruppeM. On high RPMs you can hear the engine screaming through the intake, with the carbon fiber airbox making it resonate even louder in a beautifull way. It is, with no doubt, the best ram air intake you can get for your E46.
Ordered on November 24, delivered home on December 19. Shipment took only 4 days from Japan to France.
Also a big thank to the client support that I contacted on Instagram, very reactive and a pleasant person to deal with !

Very nice intake

It’s a really nice looking intake and sounds great on my cl9, brings a smile everytime I drive the daily

E60 545i

Amazing intake kit. Fit and finish is perfect, Easy to follow instructions.

ACCORD | CL9 | [****]

Faster Throttle Response

honda type r ep3 air intake

very fast delivery ....and super cool and high quality product.... 100% will order more item from here! thanks

Perfect add to the LC500

Wow. Amazingly perfect fit and finish. No cutting of original hardware needed. Problem free delivery and great responsiveness of the gruppeM team. Gives the car the breath he needs to unlock the potential of the engine. Transforms the car which is now even more fun to drive.

Excellent intake

The item is really good quality and I like the intake sound so much

GR86 Ram Air System

Excellent craftmanship, great improvement in performance and sound effect.

Very nice item

Before i have a Tegiwa Airbox in the fn2 not bad the ramair from Gruppe m 100 Prozent better .thank you fir the nice Item. regards

Honda Jazz GD3 Ram Air System

Awesome bit kit, sounds great! Really dresses up the engine bay and makes it that extra bit special. Thanks GruppeM team for using my Jazz as the display photo, looks awesome! Sincerely @novtec_

ARISTO | JZS161 | 1997 ~ 2005
Stephen Sowerby
Aristo ram air system

Looks great good quality you can really see they've spent some money developing their intake kits sounds great but I would like to be able to hookup the standard could air scope to it like they do with all their newer kits

GR86 | ZN8 | 2022 ~
Raimundo Miguel Ritchie Fong

Fast shipping

Worth the money

Easy to install, big noticeable increase in power and excellent sounds and looks. Highly recommended

Air intake

I wish the heat shield could be more practical

Cracking bit of kit, looks and function

Great product that adds some real class to your engine bay, build quality and finish on the carbon cover is exceptional but you would expect this from a company like GruppeM 👍

I have a 3in turbo pipe also on my car and the two together make the induction noise very nice, my DV+ diverter now has a lot more air passing through so is a lot more vocal and the turbo flutter now a lot louder, pulls harder in every gear with no flat spots whatsoever and improved acceleration.

Instructions: well this could be better in all honesty, just some simple clear pictures of exactly where the two metal tabs attach too to support carbon cover would make life a lot easier but had to use a bit of common sense to work out, leave everything semi tight to get everything where it needs to be and then tighten everything.

Over-all a nice bit of kit that is in all honesty simple to put together and install in 30-40 minutes for most mechanically minded individuals.

Only thing I'd say that could improve the kit overall is a cold air feed straight to the K&N cone filter.

Only down side is the cost of product in comparison to others, i was fortunate enough to get on offer but still I'd say worth saving up for just for the quality.

The best air intakes for 330ci e46

For starters, this GruppeM air intake is just amazing. It is of exceptional quality and embellishes your engine compartment. In addition, it has a numbered plate which makes it a unique piece for your car. In terms of performance, we feel an improvement and better reactivity. In terms of sound, it's just exceptional compared to an original air intake. The sound is rock and can be heard when the window is closed and especially when the window is open during acceleration. It felt like driving a small "CSL" with the resonance and sound of the GruppeM carbon air intake. I really love her and would recommend her without hesitation! Thank you very much GruppeM for this extraordinary piece.