Thank you for your interest in GruppeM Inc, sponsorship program. Each Sponsorship is handled by a case by case basis. Please follow the below information for us to accept your proposal. A sponsorship proposal should include several key criteria for serious consideration listed below. However, please note: We do not sponsor full teams at this time. We do not accept any proposals by e-mail.

* Your compete and correct contact information. No sponsorship proposal will be entertained or accepted without it.

* A brief introduction of yourself and/or your company or team

* Vehicle make, model and year

* Vehicle engine combination, including hybrid set-ups

* Aftermarket products currently on your vehicle 

* GruppeM products currently on your vehicle

* Aftermarket products planned to be added to your vehicle

* Current sponsors (must not be conflicting to GruppeM). Example: If you are using our intake system, you can not have a competing manufacture represented on your vehicle. If we deem it has conflicting with GruppeM's interest, you are and will be responsible for reimbursing us the full market (MSRP) price of our product.

* Photos of the vehicle (engine, front, profile and overall, including any applicable detail images)

* List of past projects and referrals

* Event attendance schedule

* Confirmed upcoming media coverage, including media contact information *

* Request of what exactly you wish to obtain from GruppeM.

*** What you can offer GruppeM in exchange for our support. (Also stickers size, location). Driving around town with a sticker and telling you friends will not be sufficient, sorry.

The above-mentioned criteria should be presented in a professional, easy-to-follow format. We receive a large amount of proposals, so a professional presentation will ensure that your proposal is adequately reviewed.

All proposals must be mailed in. No proposals will be accepted by email. This all must be mailed to our office:


Marketing Dept.

GruppeM Inc.

3-12-24 Saiwaicho

Asaka-shi, Saitama

Japan 351-0015

* Proposals and materials will not be returned. Due to the enormous amount of requests we get, we can only contact you if we are interested. Please understand we appreciate your effort and hope for success in your project, but we have a limited budget for sponsorship and the competition maybe very tough. Absolutey no 3rd party sponsorship assistance and/or companies will be accepted for review.

*We reserve the right to offer full or partial sponsorship accordingly within the needs of GruppeM. We reserve the right to accept or reject any proposal as the company and marketing team sees fit.