Q: What does GruppeM do? What is it about?

Q: Do you supply aero parts or body kits?

A: Yes, we do. We have our own aero kits for select vehicles but ordering aero parts generally require lead time. While we do our best to get aero parts delivered quickly and in an acceptable time. Many body kits or aero parts can take upwards of 6-9 months for completion. The reason for this is that FRP does have a shelf life and take up too much space to carry a lot of active stock by the manufacturer themselves. They do this insure the quality of the product meets end-user expectations. However, there may need to be some slight modifications done to the aero parts for proper fitment. Each country have their own safety standards which could slightly change the dimensions, etc of your vehicle. Please review our Policies or Contact Us for more information.

Q: What about shipping costs and times?

A: We do our best to provide accurate shipping times. Many times we are only able to give an ETA based on what information we are given. There are many variables that can affect shipping and delivery times. We, unfortunately, do not control what manufacturers, shipping companies, customs or any Government policies local or abroad, revisions in trade treaties such as the TPP (Trans Pacific Pact), etc. and their effects on shipping. In cases where parts are in stock (not special order), shipping time averages about 2-4 weeks. It is not uncommon for shipping to take upwards of 2 - 3 months or perhaps more depending on shipping company or other situations such as back-order or special order parts. In such events, GruppeM is not responsible for external (non-GruppeM issues) problems.. Please plan your schedule accordingly and review our Policies or Contact Us for more information.

Q: Can you meet my deadline?

A: Many times we can meet client deadlines. Nonetheless, there are unknown outside factors such as shipping times, customs clearance, etc. that can cause delays. Therefore, we can not make any definite promises if a particular deadline can be met.