RAM AIR SYSTEM | VOLVO | S60 | SERIES II | T6・T6R | 2011 ~ 2016 | 3.0 LITER | TURBO | FRI-0215

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Jason Fleming
Cracking bit of kit, looks and function

Great product that adds some real class to your engine bay, build quality and finish on the carbon cover is exceptional but you would expect this from a company like GruppeM 👍

I have a 3in turbo pipe also on my car and the two together make the induction noise very nice, my DV+ diverter now has a lot more air passing through so is a lot more vocal and the turbo flutter now a lot louder, pulls harder in every gear with no flat spots whatsoever and improved acceleration.

Instructions: well this could be better in all honesty, just some simple clear pictures of exactly where the two metal tabs attach too to support carbon cover would make life a lot easier but had to use a bit of common sense to work out, leave everything semi tight to get everything where it needs to be and then tighten everything.

Over-all a nice bit of kit that is in all honesty simple to put together and install in 30-40 minutes for most mechanically minded individuals.

Only thing I'd say that could improve the kit overall is a cold air feed straight to the K&N cone filter.

Only down side is the cost of product in comparison to others, i was fortunate enough to get on offer but still I'd say worth saving up for just for the quality.

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