The RAM AIR SYSTEM is our flagship intake system that makes use of a conical filter with an inner and outer centre cone that helps accelerate ambient air, reducing turbulence. The carbon intake duct directs fresh ambient air to the filter and provides an excellent barrier from entering the intake stream. GruppeM's RAM AIR SYSTEM delivers constant and stable air flow throughout all driving speeds and acts to deliver maximum horsepower gains while maintaining increased torque at lower engine speeds. All GruppeM RAM AIR are made at our HQ in Japan. These systems are made of the highest quality, hand-laid carbon fiber.  GET your RAM AIR SYSTEM today!



The SUPER CLEANER is our solution bolt on solution to a bolt-on intake system . The SUPER CLEANER take advantage of a conical filter surrounded by an ultra-light carbon heat shield. the cone designed helps to improve air flow and filter charging efficiency while preventing performance loss under heavy engine load. The system draws cool ambient air into the in intake system while minimising the harmful effect of a heated engine compartment which can inhibit engine performance. Our SUPER CLEANER intake system effectively and efficiently prevents water intrusion, and other contaminants from entering the filter. Get Mine!


The POWER CLEANER is our entry level intake system designed to draw-in large amounts of fresh air while maintaining excellent filtration . This system utilizes a unique accordian shaped filter, tapered corners and deep folds to create a surface area five times larger than normal filters. This system delivers all-round performance, though especially in the higer RPM range, and a performance sound every driver enjoys. Search Now!


Specifically designed, developed and precisely crafted for European vehicles. Our brake line systems utilize a highly advanced original swivel system The support sleeves disperses dynamic stress on midpoint fastenings and joints, meeting new vehicle inspection standards. GruppeM brake-line systems are responsive to subtle input, enabling the driver precise control over the vehicle at the track or on the street. Fitting are available in both carbon steel and stainless steel. Buy Now!


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