Three qualities in particular are sought in air filters; air intake quantity, filtration efficiency, and durability. As each of these requirements are in conflict with each other, extensive experience and certain technological adeptness are necessary to bring these into a higher balance. For example, while a material for use in the cleaner may have equal filtration efficiency as another, considerable air intake may be possible in that case high efficiency is retained, but, depending on the suitability of the material, long-term durability cannot necessarily be obtained.

Power, Performance and Driving Pleasure

GruppeM Lexus carbon intake system maximize the use of air in and around the headlights, and surrounding area lowering the air intake temperature and increasing airflow efficiency. GruppeM intake systems add to the power, grace, and elegance the RC-F embraces , all the while giving car enthusiasts and car buffs the most powerful, amazing and ear-pleasing performance sound, drivers the world over enjoy. GruppeM intake systems truly combine form, function and driving pleasure.

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